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Rudolf Steiner Book Review

Just a quick post… I want to share my morning meditation and reading from a Rudolf Steiner Book called Start Now, and how it relates to internet markting.

Rudolf Steiner is one of my favorite philosophers and teacher of meditation. His knowledge was so extensive and I feel blessed to have discovered his works. I’ve collected his books over the years, on philosophy, agriculture, beekeeping, Waldorf Schools and meditation. His words are delicious. If I could only fathom just a fraction of what he teaches, in this lifetime I feel I would have accomplished a lot.

Today what I read was profound in its simplicity: “The meaning of Earth is relationship.” He went on to explain, “We must learn to understand that Earth is the place for creating connections and relationships. We must develop a moral disposition that acknowledges the unity and ultimate value of all human beings. This begins with developing an interest in and love for everyone we meet.” Wow!

What an amazing teaching to reflect on and practice, today and everyday, in daily life and in business; and, apply to our work in the industry of internet and network marketing.

Growing a successful network marketing business begins with a foundation firmly planted in creating connections, building and maintaining relationships and sincerely valuing and respecting others. I highly recommend you give it a try… get your hands on a Rudolf Steiner book and give your eyes and mind a feast!


Wishing You Happiness Always,

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Loren Greig

"To Your Success And Financial Freedom Always"

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I encourage you to aspire to be all that you can be for you are nothing short of greatness!
About Loren Greig

"To Your Success And Financial Freedom Always"

If you found value in this post, please share it and comment below!

I encourage you to aspire to be all that you can be for you are nothing short of greatness!


  1. Hi Loren,

    First I want to say that my prayers are with you and your family and your mother. I’m sorry to hear the news. You stay strong and I hope peace and love to your family in these struggling times.

    Thank you for your book review by Rudolf Steiner. You really have my curiosity up when you mentioned to “give your eyes and mind a feast!” I’m always looking for great books and the fact that you wrote an endorsement for his book tells me his writings are brilliant.

    Life is all about relationships and I love his quote “The meaning of Earth is relationship.” That is certainly a thought provoking quote and we all should keep that in mind as we pursue our life purpose. So many people are falling into the trap of being “me” oriented and it is unfortunate. Feeding your mind with great books is truly a wonderful way to experience life. Thank you.

    Raena Lynn

  2. I am really looking forward to getting his books. You describe his writing style so deliciously.

    I enjoy meditation and many of the other topics you mentioned so I am sure I will enjoy his books.


  3. Loren, what a wonderful way to start the day by acknowledging the power of our relationships — with people and with the natural world — to really bring us all life as to offer.

  4. Hello Loren

    It is through relationships that we grow and learn. Without relationships we become self centered. I am not familiar with Rudolph Steiner but will be taking a look at his works.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

  5. Thank you for this book review! I find the small yet profound statement you mentioned is true indeed!

    I’m such a book worm so this post stuck out like a sore thumb!

    I TRULY believe the world’s secrets are hidden in books! :-)

  6. I am grateful for your review Loren. I am always looking for new books to read and learn from. And one that is recommended from someone such as yourself goes a long way to raise a book on my reading list :-) Thank you. Once I get it read I will see doing something similar and sharing with others the benefits.

  7. Hi Loren,

    thank you for the great book review.

    I am familiar with Rudolf Steiner because of the kindergarten we have here.
    His approach to art has very much appealed to me with the soft pastel tones.
    I will put that book on my list to read.

    Much appreciated!

  8. Loren Greig says:

    Hi Dereck,

    Have Gladwell’s Blink and The Tipping Point and love his work too, perhaps even moreso because he’s so criticized. I’m fascinated by the interesting theory he references that we have to practice a task for 10,000 hours before we reach high levels of success. That’s focus but could be a little depressing when I consider all the things I want to master in this lifetime!

  9. Loren,

    It’s all about relationships and stories. This is a book that I’m going to have to put on the list of books to read.

    Currently, I’m reading a Malcolm Gladwell book called Outliers, and I’ve rediscovered how awesome books are.

    Thanks for helping adding another gold mine to the stack!


  10. Loren Greig says:

    Hello Darlene!

    Thank you so much for your comments. I’m glad you are going to explore Steiner’s works and certain you will resonate with his brilliance! He was an expert in so many fields. I find his teachings in Agriculture, Philosophy, and Spirituality so relevant and applicable in today’s world as well as being a remarkable guide and reference. Blessings, Loren

  11. Loren,

    You’re right! Rudolf Steiner’s words are delicious! What a beautiful way to begin your day. You’ve now lead me to another author with whom I am not familiar; however, your recommendation makes it imperative that I begin ordering his books right now:)

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