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Loren Greig

"To Your Success And Financial Freedom Always"

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I encourage you to aspire to be all that you can be for you are nothing short of greatness!
About Loren Greig

"To Your Success And Financial Freedom Always"

If you found value in this post, please share it and comment below!

I encourage you to aspire to be all that you can be for you are nothing short of greatness!


  1. I am installing reverse comments now.

  2. Loren, I never gave it any thought. I read all the post from others so I can understand their views on the subject matter. Then I can add something that is usable.

    I just like to read. I find giving full attention to others views help’s me see the matter different. What I may have placed as a comment. Has changes based on some clarifying matter from a fellow reader of your blog.

    I still remain simple and will continue to read through all the other comments prior to posting mine.

    Lorin, always a pleasure visiting your site. I look forward in reading more.

  3. Hi Loren,

    I feel your pain. I too, have become totally frustrated looking for a comment link on blogs and have at times, left without leaving a comment. Thanks for your reminder that we do need to make things as easy as possible.

  4. Hey Loren

    Good points!

    I too get frustrated when people make it difficult to comment and share their posts.

    I even think I wrote a blog post about it :)


  5. Hi Loren,

    thank you for the great tips about commenting.

    Comments definitely help with SEO not only when you receive them but also when you give them. I noticed when I was looking up someones website on Google, my name appeared there as well in the search results because of my comment. comment.
    Will look at my blog to see what I can improve for others.


  6. Hey Loren, thanks for this great tip. I’m gonna have to install that plugin on my blog today.

    PS I’ll be sure to share this with my mastermind group.

    Thanks again ….always improving SEO

  7. Hello Loren,

    You make some good points. Is is good to make it a plesant experience for visitors to our blogs.

    Admittedly, I had not thought much about this subject, I will have to give the plugin you mention a try.

    Another thing i’ve found bothersome on some blogs is the load time. Some freeze my computer.


  8. Hi Loren . . . and all [TSA-ers, it looks like] :-)
    I’m going to install your Reverse Comment plug-in and then see if my comment comes up first
    [for a moment, at least]
    I have just downloaded the plug-in, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t react negatively with all my other plug-ins. Apparently that is the big danger every time we download a new plug-in . . . SO if anyone has a bad experience with this particular plug-in, please let me know.

  9. Hi Loren,

    Thanks for sharing this great tip.

    I have always liked to spotlight the first commentator to a particular post, but I am going to install the plug-in you suggested, as we do always have to be mindful of SEO and optimizing our blog in a way that benefits our readers and visitors.

    If the latest commentator shoots to the top, it should encourage more comments and better visibility for those making comments.

    Keep on sharing these tips,

  10. Hi Loren,

    Thanks for posting this. I get unnerved when I have to scroll all the way down also. Another thing is those hidden “comment” buttons. Sometimes I spend at least 5 minutes on a blog to find the button.

    Thanks for the information

  11. Hey Loren,

    Would you believe that I read your article and then I wanted to view your articles first comment and I had to scroll and scroll down to the very bottom to find it!

    Lol! Just kidding Loren, I will be adding Simple Reverse Comments to my blog tonight!

    I agree with you 100 percent. Make it easy for your friends and visitors to comment and give them value back for their time and efforts!

    Awesome tip Loren, thanks for sharing!


  12. Hi Loren,

    I appreciate your recommendation of the “Simple Reverse Comments” plugin. I didn’t know about that one, nor did I think about the practicality of having the most recent comments show at the top.

    I totally agree with the need to make it as easy as possible for visitors to comment if they wish. I also appreciate Laura Paulson’s observation about blogs with popups on every page (usually to sign up for a mailing list). Some people are very aggressive with this tactic, and unless there is some VERY important reason I am visiting that blog, I’m gone when that starts.

  13. Loren Greig says:

    Well said Lori! The best service is helping our customers and clients find the information that will help them move on the the next level of their business. We always want to assist and guide our customers in every way we possibly can, whether it be an online or offline business. So few people do this effectively.

  14. Hi Loren! It’s all about customer service! Business blogs are there to help customer find the information they are looking for and to be able to provide feedback quickly and easily – getting your blog set up to make it easy for your customer to interact is vital. Thanks for the great tips!


  15. As I was reading your post, I was also checking my blog to see if it had those problems you were talking about. I quite like your idea of the latest comments being at the top instead of the bottom. Thanks for sharing the plugin. I think I will just do what you recommended.

  16. Loren,
    I’m glad you shared this pet pieve of mine too! I love to leave comments to show my support for a valuabe post but I give up if I can’t find the comment box very easily!

  17. Hi Loren, I agree that you definitely want to make it easy for your blog visitors whether it be commenting, syndicating or whatever. I hate having to search for things as well. I guess my biggest pet peeve are still the pop-ups. Not so much if it’s one time but when blogs have them popping up all over or keep popping up when going from page to page. That is the absolute worst!!! AND I sure don’t stay very long. Thanks for sharing the plug-in. Make it a Great Day, Laura

  18. Thanks for the great information :) I personally want to honor the people who come along first to comment on my blog, so I think I’m going to keep the order the same. However, I do agree that having a good and easy comment box is important :)

  19. Hey Loren,

    Thank you so much for the comment reverser, I have just installed it, that is so cool.

    Finding it hard to know where to comment on a blog or having something that you have sign into and then mess about with a captcha code that you can’t read it, is really annoying.

    The key s to keep things clean and simple.

    Great Info,
    Beth :)

  20. Hi Loren- Great tips here fro getting the most out our SEO possible. I didn’t realize the order of our comments made a difference so thanks for pointing that out. I am with you on getting frustrated trying to find where to comment on some blogs. We need to have that section visible to make sure people can leave a comment to help out our SEO as well:) Thanks for this info!

  21. Hi Loren,

    Awesome heads up on the reverse comments! I know for a few of my blog posts, there are customer testimonials that would be better served in such an order.

    Other than that, comments are a huge part of SEO now days. But even more so, they add credibility and increase in your social equity.

    It’s an important piece of the puzzle and will only grow more and more in time.

  22. Loren,
    Thanks for the info on “Simple Reverse Comments”. I have never thought about people just leaving my site. In fact, I need to check mine out and see if it is commentator friendly.


  23. Loren

    Mam I couldn’t agree more especially when people don’t have an icon on where to open the comments.

    Sometimes even when I open the post by itself you can’t seem to find it.

    That’s why I love my theme for the comment link it has by default and I have set up my digg digg plug in to show the comment icon along with the syndication buttons.


  24. Hi Loren, thanks for reminding us on how we can make things easier for people making comments. It’s really great to see the new tips you have on your blog. Take care and have a wonderful day!

    Rick Salas

  25. Thanks for the tip Loren. I did it! It took me less than 10 seconds, seriously.

    And regarding the “the hidden comments” I know exactly what you mean. I left a few blogs because the time I spent in looking for that ‘comments” button was too precious.

    I looked at my blog. It’s up there but not very clear. Yet I have no clue how to go about changing it. So what I’ll do at this point I will visualize that my comments button is very clear and that the person or plug in to show me how and what is showing up :-)

    Thanks Loren.

    Sigal Zoldan
    Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Results Coach

  26. Hi Loren,
    Thanks for the great post! I agree, there are blogs where I have wasted a lot of time trying to find out how to leave a comment. Some I just give up; and like you point out, what a shame, as the comments are great for SEO!
    Looking forward to learning more of your great tips!

  27. Great Post! I will search for the reverse comment that you spoke of in your post and activate it on my blog. This was some really useful info and I agree that something as simple as not being able to find your comment area could mean life or death for your blog.

    Thanks again for the info.

  28. Excellent advice, Loren.

    We should work hard to make all syndication simple, especially the comments section.

    Thanks especially for the plugin advice. It’s a good thing to put to use.

  29. Loren,

    I agree with you that it is often frustrating to try to find the “Comments” button.

    Thanks for sharing the idea and the plugin to reverse the sequence of comments.

  30. Hi Loren
    I agree, we need to make it as easy as possible for people to comment on our blogs, or people will simply not bother. I love the idea of the plugin to reverse the order of comments, but I notice the comment box still remains at the end of the last comment, so you still have to scroll all the way down to the end to leave a comment. Just wondering if you know of a plugin to move the comment box to the top also?

  31. Great article Loren! I always love learning about new (to me) wordpress plugins and I’m going to check out reverse comments today. I can certainly relate to the frustration that can come from having to hunt to find the comment section – on some blogs it’s a virtual guessing game as you click around trying to find something to take you there. Thanks for the tips!

  32. Hi Loren ! Thanks for sharing – I will definately change into mine… it’s a lot easier to see the latest comments first ! I also went to check… haha !

  33. Loren,

    I’ll have to take a look at my blogs to see if I am hosting one of those troublesome comment areas. Convenience is certainly a necessity in our hurry-up, rush-rush world. Thanks for pointing this out.

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